BlitzWolf® BW-XRC600 Ultrasonic Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner with 1200pa 3350mAH UV APP Wifi Control

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BlitzWolf Customized 3350mAh

High-quality lithium-ion rechargeable battery, high capacity, no memory effect, more than 120mins continuous working time, easy to handle 150m2+ house
BW-XRC600 has a longer duration in using than Ni-MH and more effective than average Li-ion battery (2000-2600mAh),

(Battery Memory Effect---Which is loss in capacity when battery is recharged without being fully depleted,
Therefore, with the deficiency, battery lifespan becomes shorter and shorter, the cleaner will not work effectively.)
However, BlitzWolf XRC-600 is here to satisfy all your needs!!!

BlitzWolf Smart APP Wifi Control
XRC600 provides App to remotely control your robotic cleaner, no matter how far away you are, (3G/4G supported too.)
You can also set your cleaning schedule, once schedule is set, the robotic cleaner will work automatically at the time you wish, even without wifi.
It is time to say farewell to outdated and complicated buttons on a machine panel
With Smart Z-Shape Cleaning Mode 
General cleaners only support "random mode", "border mode" and "spot mode", which waste power and time in route that could have been cleaning.

BW-XRC600 support Z-Shaped walking mode, allows you choose this mode to makes your home cleaning more efficiently!
XRC600 will plan a smart path from the beginning, and with the help of incomparable suction, offer you a cleaner home:) 

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