The Fourth Generation 3D Printing Pen Draw Dimensional Art Crafting Stereoscopic Printer


1. This is the fourth-generation 3D printing printer pen with LCD screen which shows the working temperature and using material when you using it.
2. The LCD screen will display words “ABS” or “PLA”choose the right material mode, “material selection, temperature adjusting” from the LCD screen. The selection must be the same with the material using in fact.
3. Pressing the Load filament button, the red LED lights will on, shows that the equipment is preheating. About 0.5-2 minutes later, when the red LED turns to green, it shows preheating finished and the pen can starts to work.
4. Starting creating, speed controller can adjust the material amount when you are creating your job with the pen.
5. The equipment will switch to standby mode automatically when not in use over 5 minutes. The working indicator LED will be off. If need to use it again, need to press the “Load filament button” again.
6. The heating time is affected by setting temperature and the environmental temperature.
7. Cutting the filament ending to flat before inserting it into the pen; And unload the filament when not use.
8.  It is an ideal gift to meet the needs of children, students and adults.

Changing filament:
1. When change the material from PLA to ABS, unload the PLA filament, restart your pen(unplugged), then switch to ABS by pressing the “material selection/temperature” button, and then load the ABS filament.
2. When change the filament from ABS to PLA, due to melting point of ABS is much higher than the PLA, if not use it properly, it may cause nozzle clogging or equipment damage. The correct way is that, when in the ABS mode, unload the filament, restart the pen, switch to PLA mode by the “selection of materials/temperature” button. Then load the PLA filament after heating quickly.

Temperature adjustment:
1. If you hear the nozzle has “crackling” sound, it means the temperature is too high, use “material selection/temperature” button to turn the temperature down, the adjustment range is 8-15℃.
2. When in use, it comes out lots of bubbles, it means that the temperature is high, use “material selection/temperature” button to turn the temperature down, the adjustment range is 3-8℃.
3. When the output filament color looks dim and dark, the motor sounds obviously in difficulty, it means that the temperature is low, use “material selection/temperature” button to turn the temperature up, the adjustment range is 3-5℃.

Warning Tips:
1. This product is suitable for children over 8-years-old and adult. Children use it should under the guardianship of adults.
2. The nib and its near part is in high temperature, the highest temperature can be up to 230℃,so please avoid touching nib directly.
3. It is prohibited to use other material to insert into the loading hole except ABS and PLA filament material.
4. Not use other power adapter which is not equipped with the pen.
5. Not pure water in it.
6. Keep it in a safe place after using, to prevent falling.

Package Included:
1x 3D stereoscopic printing pen
1x 12V 3A Power Adapter
1x 3pcs free filaments (ABS)